Telcoin(TEL), is it a good investment?

Telcoin is a coin and business that is priced at .25 of one penny right now and focuses on the market of International Remittances. This is a $500 billion market and growing and Telcoin aims to disrupt this market and take a chunk of the pie. International Remittances are when one person in a family works in a different country and has to send money back to the home country to family or friends. Traditionally, this has to go through something like Western Union, which takes large fees. Using the power of blockchain and mobile apps, Telcoin aims to make this a much easier process with less fees while partnering with large telecom companies. They also aim to reach the “unbanked” of the world with their telecom cryptocurrency. With a solid infrastructure, a mobile app, and with some large telecoms signing on to support their product, Telcoin looks like a solid bet to throw a few bucks at for a cheap coin that may take off in the coming years.

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