carVertical(CV), is it a good investment?

One interesting cryptocurrency that targets the auto industry and aims to replace Carfax as the go to resource for used car information is carVertical(CV).It is a highly interesting platform targeting a very profitable industry. It is still in its beginning stages as they have just had their ICO in January of this year and has reached its hard cap of ICO tokens. They have started to import databases of information on used vehicles and are planning to launch in the Baltic states later this year and then in the coming years, follow with the rest of the EU and then spread into Asia and North America.
Threats to the company are other competitors(VinChain), a large company already doing this decides to switch blockchain(Carfax) and the growing hostility towards ICO’s and government regulations on Cryptocurrencies in general.
I see June and July as critical breakpoints for this company and product as that represents their first true roll-out. If revenue generation is successful in that time period, then there are good times ahead for the investors and this coin may skyrocket afterwards. If you are looking for profits in 2018, then you need to get in before then. If you want to be safe, then wait until after they begin the adoption phase in June/July to see how it goes.
Overall, I’d say this is a good coin to look at and it has a lot of potential that is backed by a great product in a profitable industry and therefore worth taking a look at.

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