Crypto ICO Strategies to make money

There are a lot of ICOs going on these days and more to be coming out in the future. What should you do with these ICOs to maximize your profit? What should be your mentality be when you buy these Tokens or coins? This article will hopefully give you a bit of insight on how to utilize ICOs to the Max.
After watching coin price charts after an ICO or after when coins first get listed on exchanges I have noticed that many initially explode 3-5x their pre-ico value. Many people just hold or “HODL” and hope that it keeps rising. I do not believe in this strategy as I think it is foolish. Most of these coins after the initial spike usually drop down to near their ICO price or slightly above it. Therefore, in my opinion, after you see a 2.5x spike or more of your initial buy price, you should sell, lock in the profits and wait for the coin to drop to buy back in for more coins or use the extra money to buy something else. Some of these coins even drop below their initial ICO price and stay there for a long time and in those cases “HODL” is certainly not a great strategy to use.
“HODL” is essentially a strategy of buying into a coin or company and then praying that it goes up forever. Since you are holding no matter what, it doesn’t matter what news or events happen, you just hold until eternity or until you die of old age. You can make much more money just by paying attention to news and headlines and buying and selling accordingly. Also holding forever onto new ICOs is generally a bad idea because they are like penny stocks, many of them will fail so if you see a 400% increase on your buy-in value, don’t hang onto it hoping to make 2000% because 95% of the time, it will not happen. Just look at the PAC example. I bought 10 million old PAC for $100. That $100 became $3500 but unfortunately I was trying to hold on until $10k and now its crashed back down to $150 and I’m not sure if or when it will go back up to its peak again. Now I’m still up on my initial investment but for those people that bought when it was at 1 Satoshi and didn’t sell at 3 Satoshis, they have lost 85% of their money and it may be a long time before they can ever hope to see those kinds of prices again.
Also if you sold at $3500 or even $1500 and waited for 2 weeks, you could have bought in all the coins you originally sold out and still have $1000 left over to invest in other coins.
They key to ICO investments is not to hold on forever but to have a realistic goal that you can achieve and then lock in those profits once that target is hit. That goal should not be more than 5x or 10x your original investment and when you hit that target, you should sell out and lock in your profits. If you see that ICO coin fall back close to the ICO price, buy back in at less than half the price and then take the extra money and invest in something else.
Crypto is not a space for large regrets. You can’t lament that you only made 400% instead 1000% because you sold too early. Making 400% by selling too early is much better than losing 50% because you sold too late and now you can use the 400% profits to buy other investments. You shouldn’t think you lost out by “only” making 400% profits, you should have the mindset that now you have 300% more money than you did before. I believe this strategy of selling at spikes for ICOs is much better than holding over the course of many ICOs and you will continue to make money if you follow this strategy.


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