Nucleus Vision — My pick for 2018 Crypto of the year

I had reviewed, owned, traded, and sold a lot of cryptos and some of my favorites are Litecoin, Tron, and ECC. But there is one coin that I think may be better for making you money than all of them, one coin that is great right now(March 13, 2018) for both short term profits in the next three weeks and long term holding through the next 2 years. That coin is Nucleus Vision(nCash). Right now it is about 3.9 cents and the total supply about about 10 billion, roughly 1/10th of what Tron and Ripple’s total supply is. I believe that Nucleus vision is ahead of the game when it comes to adoption and it is in a very profitable field where it looks to be the market leader in sensor and data segment of the market and personalized shopping for retail. Unlike other coins which aren’t in use yet and only have plans or “partnerships” that may come to fruition later, Nucleus vision is already test piloting in 10 stores and will expand to at least 250 by the end of the year. By 2019, it has further plans to expand into retail and security markets. The fact that its actually in use right now makes it several steps ahead of many other coins and a more solid buy. I believe since it is a few stages ahead of even coins like TRON or Cardano in terms of use, it should appreciate in price very quickly. The fact that the supply of tokens is also smaller than TRON or Cardano means that each token should also be worth more. This token only came on the market about half a month ago and dipped with the rest of the market at the beginning of March but since then, it has soared past its initial exchange rate price while the rest of the market has not recovered. This, to me, signals that it will massively appreciate in price when the market does recover as a whole.
While I still hold other coins(I’m not all in on one coin because that is just not very smart), I am in pretty deep on Nucleus vision and I think it has a very bright future ahead in the next month as well as 2-3 years down the pipeline.

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