Colossus XT(COLX) – Why it may be time to buy now(March 20)

Colossus XT(COLX) has been a coin I have said good things about in the past as a long term hold. It, like many other coins, has suffered greatly in this bear market. However, that may be changing in part because the G20 summit has refused any further regulations on the Cryptoworld and mostly because ColX is about to get listed on Cryptopia. The biggest market currently for ColX is Cryptobridge and the volume today is only $30,000 in total, which is very small for a coin like this. Getting listed on a exchange like Cryptopia which is 2 tiers higher on my list than Cryptobridge can make the price go up several times which is why in my opinion it is a very good buy for short term gain. If the rally continues on into this week when this coin finally gets listed in Cryptopia, then I can easily see massive gains for this coin as its volume shoots straight up. Add to the fact that this coin is almost at an all-time low, having dropped from 2 cents to .2 cents in the last few months and you have a storm brewing for large amounts of gains. Of course, this is not guaranteed and you run the risk of loosing a lot of money should the market suddenly turn downward but for me over the next few days, it is well worth the risk for the possible rewards.

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