Telegram ICO — What to look for

Messaging app Telegram is holding its ICO soon, but its not for us common people. It is only for accredited investors that have at least half a million dollars to spend on an ICO project. I think this coin will soar once it hits the large exchanges because its a highly touted project and unlike most other coins, it has a good product that many people are currently using, something not many other coins can claim. The ICO is expected to raise at least $2 billion dollars and possibly a lot more through its Initial coin offering.
Despite it being a solid product and a solid coin, it does face many significant challenges, not least of all, Russia. The Russian supreme court has ruled that Telegram must hand over its user’s encryption keys because the country needs them to “Combat terrorism”. I think we all know what this means in Russian terms. They need the encryption keys to control its citizens and make sure no one uses it to protest the state or do anything “unpatriotic” or “un-putin”. Telegram has resisted but the Russian courts(no surprise) has handed down verdicts that are against them. They will go through all the layers of appeal but if it doesn’t go well, they could be completely banned in Russia, which is a huge market for them.
Despite this, some analysts are predicting Telegram’s tokens to be worth $200 billion in a few years. I’m not sure if I’m that optimistic about it but it can easily be in the top 10 Cryptos in a short time since Telegram is a well known and popular app.
As a side note, please do not fall for the scammers who are setting up fake sites for telegram ICO’s. The pre-ICO and ICO process is highly secretive and will not be available to the vast majority of people so all the links you see regarding it on youtube and social media networks are fake and scams.


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