Anyone can make a coin, crap coins detract from legit coins?

The thing with crypto coins is that anyone can make a coin and anyone can fork a coin with or without the original coin’s support. This was the way Litecoin Cash was created. And now, its pretty much trash, sitting at 26 cents or so whereas right after the fork, it hit $9, meaning people who bought in then are completely screwed. There are also completely nonsense coins like Donald Trump coins and Angela Merkel coin that obviously serve no purpose and if they did have value now, they won’t as soon as these people leave office. Steven Seagal tried an ICO before he got shut down by the authorities and now some soccer player wants to start his own cryptocurrency. They are also talking about coins as a fundraising tool for Hollywood movies. I think some of these “crap coins” are making it hard for real legit coins to get found and these coins that have basically no purpose are putting a stain on the entire sector because they almost always go belly-up after a while. I think there needs to be some kind of regulation and some preliminary things that needs to be passed before you can create a coin, mainly to prevent fraud to everyday people looking to buy into a coin. Maybe a background check to see if the coin is more than just a vehicle to trick ordinary people out of their money because it is too easy to fork a blockchain and create your own coin.

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