HTML Coin price walls gone!

After 3 weeks or more of rampant sell and buy walls due to price manipulation, HTML coin’s walls have finally come down just a few hours after my video calling them out came out yesterday night. What’s funny is that this blog got a lot of visits from the HTML telegram channel so the whale who was manipulating must have realized that other people had noticed his actions. See, scammers and manipulators don’t like to be called out, they like to do their work in secret so once this person was called out(even though we don’t know who it is), he quickly released the wall. The volume of HTML coin also shot up to 4x what it was previously because the wall had been taken down because now without the buy and sell walls, people can see that there might be movement in the markets, which is a good thing. The coin will probably now somewhat follow the movement of BTC prices up and down instead of being perpetually stuck between two walls all the time. If you have done your research and you believe a coin is being manipulated, you should do a blog post or a youtube video to call the scammers out. Once its out in the limelight, it is much harder for a scam to continue. Since the crypto space isn’t really regulated by authorities, we have to regulate it ourselves.

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