Odyssey, Verge, Tron, Electra, and Stellar major updates

There are five coins that have major announcements that could effect price and I will list them in this post below:

Odyssey(OCN) — Odyssey is going to begin integration of oBike starting March 31st, 2018. This is a big step because not that many cryptos are tied to actual products and even if its only a small brand, if you could use OCN tokens to buy Bikes or other tangible goods, it would help the value of the coin so this could be a big event for them

Verge(XVG) — Although I’m not a huge fan of privacy coins because of government regulations, I am not shy about investing in them to make some good Cash. Verge, I think, has a big partnership announcement coming up on the 16th of April, 2018. I am not sure what company is partnering with them but it seems to have some people excited. If it is a partnership that will allow you to spend Verge coins on actual products, I can see it being big news.

TRON(TRX) — This one everyone knows about. TRON will launch their testnet on March 31, 2018 and their main net on May 31st, 2018. I expect the last half of May to see a big surge in the price of TRX leading up to the mainnet launch as the lead up to the Test Net launch has made prices go pretty high. Keep an eye out for more TRON announcments.

Electra(ECA) — This coin I have been day trading back and forth but I have heard that in the coming weeks there will be a major partnership announcement. I am not sure what it is but some have said it is with a major multi-billion dollar company. This does not mean ECA will get billions of dollars by any extent, this just means that a large brand or company may soon accept ECA payments. For a coin that is only listed at 6 satoshi in value right now, this could make the price spike for a while.

Stellar(XLM) — Stellar’s test lightning net is set to launch on April 1st. This should be a fairly well known event since Stellar is a top coin. While this has no implications directly for price, it could serve as a catalyst like TRON test network for future price increases, so keep an eye out.


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