ULA and Crackers, Patterns to look for in Micro Cryptocurrency trading

Continuing with the series in Cryptocurrency day trading, we take a look at two specific patterns that you may want to look for when daytrading Micro Cryptocurrencies. One case is ULA and the other case is crackers(CRACKERS). ULA represents one pattern that I always look for, the pattern of it being pretty flat through long periods of time but has sudden spikes where I can make at least make 60-70% on my buy-in price. It happens only once a week or once every few weeks but it has happened several times in the last few months and each time was at least 60-70% of your flat-line buy-in value which represents an excellent ROI in terms of Bitcoin(BTC). The 2nd pattern I look for is crackers. Usually for this kind of pattern I look in the single Satoshi range for such coins. Crackers represents a pattern where all the action happens around a single line(in this case about 6 sats) but goes frequently between 5 and 8 sats. So buying at 6 and then selling and 7 or 8 every few days represents a 16% gain each time. Over the course of a few months(since the bear market started), this represents large amounts of gains on your investment. You should split your micro-cryptocurrency trading money over several of these coins and look for the two patterns mentioned above. Always try to buy in at the lower end of the price range and never buy at one of the peaks and you should make good money in the long run.


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