Binance Token(BNB), is it a good buy?

One token that is very intriguing right now is Binance Token(BNB). It is the trading token for the Binance exchange and is priced around $12 at the time of this writing(4/6/18). If you use BNB to trade at Binance, then your trading fees are halved and there is a limited supply of BNB tokens so as more people come into the Cryptocurrency space, the price will go up. It, like many other tokens, tanked in January. But unlike other coins, it bottomed out in early February and has steadily risen since then and has now surpassed its January High while most other coins are still down in the dumps. This coin obviously has a more solid foundation than most coins as its tied to a solid product that is probably not going away anytime soon. As the volume on Binance increases as more people get into the cryptocurrency market, the value of this token almost has to increase and will probably be several times its current value once the market starts to recover. It probably does not have 100x potential like some coins but it certainly has very good up to 10x potential and more importantly, it is probably more safe to invest in that most other coins being tied to Binance, whose services are in very high demand. Therefore it is a good coin to invest part of your money into as it represents fairly low risk and fairly high reward.


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