ECC Coin news, Sapphire Launched!

ECC coin, one of the micro coins I’ve been tracking and following for quite some time had a major release today. The release was the Sapphire with ANS and its quite a jump up from its previous wallet, especially in terms of design and UI. It allows people to have a simple name instead of a long address. It will also serve as a hub for its future releases. I do believe this coin has one of the highest potentials of any of the below 1 cent coins I have been tracking and is a great long term hold for investment. However, I would wait a few days before buying in as of right now because after the announcement of the Sapphire release, the price has doubled in the last 24 hours which makes any coin a risky buy after such a high rise in price activity over the short period of time. I think the price may go back down to about 12-13 Satoshi before settling down for a while waiting for the Crypto market overall to recover. However, if you have ECC right now, I would say just hold onto it as it is not worth selling and taking the risk that it might keep going up. So if you have coins right now, hold on to them, but if you are looking to buy in, you may want to wait a few days and see what happens to the price. I am looking to get back into ECC with day trading profits and I will wait until later this week and see what happens to the price. ECC is not really a day-trading coin so I do not plan to buy and trade ECC. If I do buy ECC, I am holding for the long haul.

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