Deviant Coin(DEV), is it a good buy?

Deviant Coin(DEV) is a coin focused on security, fast transactions, and anonymous transactions. They are a relatively new coin with only an 88 million total supply(similar to Litecoin). The roadmap looks pretty promising as they have already hit several of the planned dates. The whitepaper is supposed to come out later this month which may be a signal of getting on more exchanges and therefore driving the price even higher. The team has been proactive about getting on exchanges as they are listed on, Cryptopia, Cryptobridge, and a few more exchanges and recently the volume has surged to over $80,000 per day. They have plans in June to launch their own decentralized exchange and launch their own hardware wallet in August so it seems they have great plans ahead. If you are into privacy coins, this is a new coin to keep an eye on.

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