Colossus XT announced 2 partnerships

Colossus XT(COLX) recently announced two partnerships with Flogmall and Polispay. Flogmall is a mall with millions of everyday products and services for any cryptocurrency and will list Colx as one of the everyday payment options. Polispay, in my opinion, is the bigger of the two partnerships as it will be an actual physical card that can convert your Colossus XT into fiat money so you can spend it anywhere that the card is accepted. It is not available yet, but will start beta testing in a month or so. These two pieces of news are great for Colossus XT and hopefully, they can represent a gateway into everyday use for this coin instead of just buying and holding or speculating on this coin. The price of Colx has gone up by 50% today but despite that, I still think it is an excellent coin to hold for long-term profits.

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