Ripple launched app in partnership is Santander Bank

Ripple has just announced it has partnered with Santander bank to launch a new foreign exchange app that will be available in the UK, Spain, Brazil, and Poland. Ripple continues to grow because of its parterships with banks and the financial industry as this new app will make Santander one of the first banks to offer blockchain – a direction which I think the banking industry will inevitably go.
This is really good for Ripple and I think for the Cryptocurrency market as a whole because despite people’s mistrust for centralized authority, institutional money is needed for the industry to grow both to give it legitimacy and so it can have allies and lobbyists in government to stump for the Crypto cause. Once more traditional money is tied to Crypto, it will be much harder to government to randomly place BS regulations on the crypto sector and I think 2018 will be the year of the partnerships and more Cryptos will align themselves with big name players to bring even more people into the market. I know many of you don’t like Ripple because its a bankster’s coin and is centralized but regardless of what your feelings on that are, if there’s easy money to be made buying and selling Ripple, you should not be against making money because even though I don’t like a centralized Crypto in principle, Ripple is not doing anything illegal and has large potential for growth with less risk than most other cryptos.


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