How to make money off of whale pumps

So before I start on this article, I have to say that I do not actually recommend doing this or having anything to do with Pump and Dumps. This strategy seems to work most of the time but it is extremely dangerous to do and you do it at your own risk. You should also not put more than $100 into this strategy at a time because of the high risk involved.

Last time I mentioned Pump and Dumps, I said they were all a scam. That part is still true, but even so, there are certain patterns you can recognize of Pump and Dumps and make money off of them. Generally Pump and Dumps come in 2 or more stages. The initial stage you cannot make money off of, that stage they pump the coin up 400% in 2 seconds, you will never catch this round. After they pump it up 400%, there is usually a period where the coin drops to maybe half of the pumped price. If you want to take this strategy, this is where you buy in(please note that there is always a chance, the coin will just keep dropping to its pre-pump price). Generally after a few hours or maybe a day or two, the pumpers will give the coin a second pump that sometimes even goes above the price of the first pump. You must sell during this second pump and cash in on the profits. Watch the video below as I explain it more in depth with examples there.


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