Goldman Sachs makes first hire in Crypto Markets Unit

As CNBC reported, Goldman Sachs just made its first fire in its new crypto markets unit, signaling even further that one of the largest investment powerhouses is taking Crypto very seriously and is looking to offer cryptocurrency investing opportunities to its clients. I love news like this because it signals that big institutional money is ready to come into the crypto market which would drive the prices way up. I do believe that other banks and financial institutions will follow suit because once they see the money that Goldman is making, they will not be able to stay out and lose on the profits. With institutional money comes institutional political power which will make it harder for governments to slap random regulations on cryptocurrencies and will calm the markets a bit and prevent giant sell-offs based on fear. When the big institutional money comes in, the credit card companies will have to jump in as well and actually support things like bitpay or litepay and that will trigger another bull run in the price. Despite all the setbacks lately, crypto is slowly creeping up on mainstream use and I think later this year, we will see far larger adoption and another large bump in the price. For those of you wondering when to get in, now is as good of a time as ever.


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