Blocknet Partnership announcement, is it a good coin?

Blocknet(BLOCK) is a peer to peer protocol between nodes on different blockchains and can take advantage of connecting blockchain platforms and communities. They already have their own decentralized exchange in which you can keep all your coins in your own wallet instead of sending them to the exchange wallet and exchanges can trade with blocknet users for additional liquidity. Their whitepaper has many use-cases for their technology but so far the only DAPP I’ve seen in use is the DEX. However, the reason you may want to look at this coin is because they are announcing a major partnership on April 30, 2018(2 days from now) and there has not been a large price spike beforehand so if the partnership is big, it may offer some big returns once it is announced. It will most likely be a company that is building another APP on their blocknet network which will increase traffic on the network and volume of the coin so keep your eyes peeled.


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