DENT, IOTA, DIGIBYTE, and Dimecoin updates

This is a roundup of significant activities regarding four coins happening in the next half month or so that could have a big impact on their price. There is, of course, the TRON mainnet launch on the 31st of May but everyone already knows about that so I will not mention it much here. Both DENT and IOTA are going to be listed on Cobinhood, which is a platform for fee-less trading. This will probably have more of an effect on DENT than IOTA because DENT only has about $5 million daily volume whereas IOTA is already traded on all exchanges and has over $150 million in daily volume..
Digibyte is launching Digi-ID and its price has doubled over the last week. it may keep growing for another week or two until launch but it is a risk to buy this price right now. Its a high-risk, high-reward investment at this point.
Dimecoin has a announcement coming up on the 17th which may effect its price. We don’t know what this announcement is but there are plenty of people following Dime so the hype may force prices up as we go towards the 17th. If you buy Dime, buy it with DOGE and not BTC as it is not worth 1 sat right now. Try to buy it around .008 if possible as even if the announcement is not a big deal, you can swing it and sell at .009 for profit usually.
That is the roundup for today.

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