Trinity Network(TNC) is it a good buy?

Trinity Network is a token that aims to provide a universal off-chain solution that aims to have real-time payments, scalability, and privacy protection for its users. It is built on the NEO network and is about done with its Main Net testing. The end-user app release is scheduled for the end of May with a technology partnership agreement coming in June. The roadmap has a bunch of “Big Secret Revealed here” moments which I am not a huge fan of because I prefer to know more concretely what those secrets are rather than just have it be a black box. Since its on the NEO network, I do believe it may have a Chinese market and if the launch and partnerships go well, I could see the coin going way up in price. If you want to get into this coin, you’ll want to be in by Mid-May as at that point, it will be gearing up for the end-user launch and the technology partnership announcement. I believe there may be a price increase at that point so if it does double(as many coins do) within a week of mid-May, its a great time to cash in on some profits.

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