Global Cryptocurrency?

According to CoinDesk., ex-Trump advisor Gary Cohn said that there will be a global cryptocurrency that won’t be based on mining and electricity costs and that will need to be easier to understand. I agree with the first part because letting mining power and electricity costs determine the value of a coin is ridiculous but I do not agree that a global cryptocurrency needs technology that is understandable for people to use it. Very few people really understand how the credit card or banking system actually works and have no trouble using it. As long as you can provide for fast and secure transactions, I think people will have no problem using it.
Since he used to be at Goldman-Sachs, he is probably thinking that a global cryptocurrency has to be issued and controlled by a central bank. I don’t think that the crypto of the future will be like that because people essentially created crypto so they don’t have to go through a banking system to manage their finances. I doubt that Crypto will obsolete banks but they will create an alternative market that Banks will have to adapt to or compete against.

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