GinCoin(GIN), is it a good coin?

GINCOIN is a proof of stake MasterNode coin that has a business and service right now that is in demand and will probably be increasing in demand in my opinion. The coins needed for a Masternode is only 1,000 and the monthly return for a Masternode is $1460, making the yearly ROI 243% currently. Masternodes of GIN are less expensive than most staking coins and the coin can actually be used to buy a turnkey Masternode Hosting service giving GIN coin more real-world use cases than most other(if not every other) proof of stake coin. Since Masternode coins seem to be gaining in popularity, I can only see the demand for this service going up, not down and I think due to the low supply of GIN, the value of each coin will also go up in price as time goes on. Because GIN, unlike most MasterNode coins, actually has a use-case that people are actually using right now, I think it is a good long-term hold due to the projected increase of Masternode demand. It is one of the coins I will be looking to add to my portfolio.

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