Argentinian Bank Pulls out from Swift to Adopt Bitcoin and Blockchain

In the last few days, a major bank in Argentina pulled out of SWIFT to adopt blockchain and Bitcoin. This is pretty big news that a large bank would shun the global financial network in favor of blockchain and bitcoin and it shows that gaps are appearing in the armor of the banking giants uniting against Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. I do think smaller banks will follow in the future, especially in countries with a troubled economy and sooner or later crypto is going to be seen as a valid rival to the currency global financial structure. I do not know if it will be bitcoin that leads the crypto charge at that point, but whatever coin it is and whoever holds a lot of it at that point will have some control over this new economy. I also don’t think bitcoin and crypto will replace the currency economy. There will always be lots of people who trust money that is backed by a government and an army but crypto will appear at a legit alternative to fiat money.

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