My top 5 Masternode Coins

I have been switching my portfolio from POW and ICO coins to almost purely PoS and Masternode coins this year and here are my top 5 Masternode coins.

1. Deviant Coin(DEV) — Great coin, after they fix the block times at 275,000, the ROI per month will be about 15-20%. Each Masternode is about $29,000(current price $5.80) and monthly returns per Masternode are about $4500. A DEX using DEV as the basis is planned for later this year and the usage of DEV coins could go through the roof when this happens. They also supposedly have vendors that will come on(not sure which ones). I see a great roadmap, a hard working dev team, and a great community for this coin.

2. APR Coin(APR) — This coin offers great return on investment and a masternode price of $7527 currently and a monthly return of over $3600 so almost 50% per month. They are also going to get listed on a large Tier 2 exchange, TopBTC, which has a daily volume of $100,000,000. This is the biggest exchange listing for a PoS stake I’ve seen not counting Dash. This should make the daily volume of APR go way up and help it increase in price.

3. GIN Coin(GIN) — GIN coin has a masternode price of $7,823 right now and a monthly return of $1434 at the moment so a 15-20% return on investment per month right now. However, GIN actually has a in-demand service right now that runs on GIN coin. They operate Masternodes for GIN coin as well as other coins and I only see the demand for such services going up in the future.

4. Stipend(SPD) Coin — Stipend coin is trying to be the currency for freelancers as they are developing a freelancing platform where you can not only hire freelancers but also assign tasks on the blockchain itself. I see this as a very good market for cryptocurrency use and if they can manage some partnerships with e-lance companies, this coin could be huge. Right now the Masternode is worth $5971 and the monthly income is $1448 from a msternode.

5. Apollon(XAP) coin — Apollon is trying to become the marketplace for Masternode coins and they plan to launch an exchange or marketplace in the second half of this year that will allow people to buy full Masternodes of coins for rewards. This service will use XAP as its base currency and I can see this being a popular service as people will want no-hassle masternode purchases instead of buying individual coins on the exchange. XAP’s masternode is also only around $2600 right now, making it a cheap masternode purchase for people who just want to get started in masternode coins.

These are my top 5 Masternode coins right now.

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