BiFrost(FROST), is it a good buy?

Bifrost is an extremely high ROI PoS and Masternode coin that has actually stabilized in the last month in terms of price. Its ROI of over 900% per year makes it a very attractive option to buy right now as you would only have to hold onto this coin for a little over a month to double your money providing that the price holds true. They are planning for more exchanges in Q3 of this year so getting in over the summer may be a good idea if you are looking for a price increase.
However, since it is only listed on Cryptobridge for now, the price may be more volatile than people would like so I would only recommend you buy it if you can afford to lose a MasterNode worth of coins or about $3.35k right now. If you have some spare BTC lying around and are willing to take a risk on a PoS coin in exchange for really high ROI’s, this coin may be the one for you.

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