TRON(TRX) moves from Ethereum to TRON Network

TRON has started their coinswap from the ERC20(Ethereum) network to their own network which launched on May 31st, 2018. It will probably take a while as there are lots of coins to swap from many different investors. However, this will signal the start of a new area for TRON. Now that they are established on their own network, they may can do away with the ERC20 network slowdowns that plagued Ethereum a few months ago when Cryptokitties was at its high. Other businesses can also now adopt the TRON network for their own blockchain projects as well so it could become a standard platform that many businesses use. This would go well with the Alibaba partnership if those rumors are true. In the long run, this could be a huge surge for TRON’s price and a big boon for investors. I could see the coin reaching 20-25 cents again by the end of the year or more if the migration is successful and more partnerships come through.

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