Government Agent Raid Darknet, arrest Crypto Criminals

Government Agents have been posing as Crypto Traders for about a year now on the darknet to arrest Crypto Criminals, namely the ones that are dealing drugs, weapons, and other bad things that Uncle Sam generally does not want you to deal in. In the past year, they have seized tens of millions of dollars worth of crypto and mining equipment as well as LSD, Opium, and other drugs from people dealing on the darknet.
Since I don’t trade on the darknet nor do I use coins like Monero, this really doesn’t effect me. I generally only trade through exchanges and I trade mainly to make money(much like 95% of everyone else) so this probably has little to no effect on most of the market. However, if you are a crypto drug dealer, you probably should pay attention as the government is expanding this program to catch drug dealers, terrorists, money launderers, and tax evaders. So if you plan on doing anything illegal, you should think twice because that guy who is trying to buy drugs off of you just might be a government agent ready to throw you in jail.

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