Ontology(ONT) prepares for its own mainnet launch

Ontology, a Chinese Blockchain project launched by NEO parent company is about to launch its mainnet in a move worth $700 million dollars. Ontology did not debut via an ICO but its coins were distributed through a series of airdrops. Many are probably wondering since Ontology’s parent company is the company that runs NEO, if Ontology is running on NEO’s blockchain. The answer is no. Ontology is running on its own blockchain which they say will be beneficial to NEO’s blockchain but be its own separate entity. Since the parent company seems to have the backing of the Chinese government, I am assuming this new project will be a very successful one and the platform will facilitate business transactions and provide up to 3000 transactions per second. It will also make developments in the area of digital identity and has also partnered with contentos, a blockchain-based streaming video project. This new project should be huge and if you are look for a high reward investment, this may be a good bet(once again, I am not a financial advisor and this is not professional financial advice).


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