LightPay Coin(LPC), Condominium(CDM), and Crypto Trading Solutions(CTS), 3 coins worth a look

In my adventures with proof of stake coins, I’ve identified several coins in my videos that I thought would be good investments. Now, we will take a look at three that have extremely high potential because of over 1000% ROI but are very risky, either because the price if very high or because they may go to zero eventually.

Light Pay Coin(LPC) — With a price recently hovering in the $7.5-$8.2 area per coin, Light Pay Coin is a solid coin with currently over 1000% ROI split between regular staking and Masternodes. It has a solid team and roadmap and looks poised for future growth. The reason its risky is because its price is extremely high. It did have a dump to 65 cents just a few weeks ago so you might want to keep an Eye for such a dump again before buying into this coin. But overall, its a solid coin with good future prospects.

Crypto Trading Solutions(CTS) — A highly speculative investment but each Masternode is under $150 right now so it might be a cheap pickup for the chance to make tens of thousands of dollars. The reward structure for this coin is front-heavy as its main purpose is to use as monetary transaction pieces on its app. The app is already launched and has good ratings on the googleplay store and the itunes store so it has a foundation to build on. The price of CTS has dropped from 70 cents to 3 cents so right now may be a good time to pick up a cheap node, start using the over 3000% ROI on staking and hold the coins until they go up in price. Staking rewards are only really good for 6 weeks, then pretty good for the next 4 to 5 months as after that it is not made to be a staking coin but rather a coin for actual use to purchase financial services. Its a risky bet, but very profitable if it turns out to be a gem.

Condominium(CDM) — Like Cryptotrading Solutions(CTS), this coin boasts incredible ROI(over 4000%) for Masternodes but has dropped in price from five dollars to just 1.3 cents in price. A masternode is only $430 so picking up one at the moment to cash in on the over 4000% ROI may be a good bet. Yes, it is a risky bet and you could lose $400 but if it rebounds, you are looking at tens of thousands in profits. The rewards are front-stacking and after block 300k, they drop off significantly so if you want to get in, get in now. Like CTS, its not really built to be a long-term staking coin but rather a coin for actual use on a travel site that will be launched in Q4 of this year, when most of the rewards will have already been taken. The maximum supply is a lot greater than CTS so each coin may not be worth as much but should be more than 1.3 cents. This is a highly speculative but extremely high potential investment.

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