Coinbase starts a Crypto Gift card in Europe, India allows Crypto for sports betting

There are two pieces of good news today. The first is that Coinbase has made a crypto gift card that you can load with Bitcoin and spend in stores in Europe(kind of like Bitpay) and the second is that India has now allowed Crypto in sports betting.
The Coinbase gift card is a step in the right direction but I don’t see it as a big deal because the merchants are not accepting Bitcoin directly. You have to load Bitcoin as fiat money onto the card first before you can spend it at various merchants although many are accepting the card. The real breakthrough will come when merchants directly accept Bitcoin or Litecoin without having to convert to Fiat first.
India allowing Crypto for sports betting is pretty big since the RBI banned all its member banks from dealing in Crypto. However, that may change soon, especially if they re-classify crypto as a commodity so it doesn’t compete with the RBI itself.
I think these two things combined will be a bump for cryptocurrency holders as now they can more easily spend their crypto and India has gotten a ray of hope for cryptocurrency holders there. Hopefully, this will strengthen the bull rally.

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