Dogecoin, Bytecoin, and Siacoin, its time to buy?

Ever since Coinbase last week announced the possibility of adding 40 new coins, I’ve been looking at three of them. Those three would be Dogecoin, Bytecoin, and Siacoin. Bytecoin has been generating lots of buzz and I think being added to coinbase, which has a good chance to be picked up by retirement and pension funds sometime in the future, will drive up both the demand and the price of the coin. People are also excited about the technical capabilities and potential of Bytecoin. Siacoin, I am excited about the service and product that they are going to offer. Being able to rent or sell unused hard drive space would fill a need and there is a big market for it. Once it gets in front of more eyes, I think it will go up. Dogecoin, I think, has a lot of potential as well, especially since it got listed in Robinhood and since it is used as a trade-in coin for smaller cryptos. It seems that the once meme-coin is gaining major traction and may become a staple in institutional funds in the future.


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