Dogecoin(DOGE) price prediction by End of 2018

Dogecoin has always been a favorite of many cryptocurrency traders and reached a high of 1.8 in January of 2018. However, it has tumbled with the rest of the market this year down to about 1/4th of a penny today. However, if the greater crypto market recovers and if it is added to Coinbase’s custody portfolio like some think it will be, then I do expect a large and rapid increase in the price of Dogecoin. Doge, unlike other coins, doesn’t have some grand future on its roadmap but it already is used as a trade-in coin for many smaller altcoins and has been used to fund several charity events. Its also used for a tipping currency online at reddit so it actually does have some demand, unlike other coins. If it gets into Coinbase’s custody coins portfolio then it will have institutional demand as well. If all these things play out right, I think the price of Dogecoin at the end of the year will be about 5 cents or about 20 times what it is today.


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