Bitcoin is greater than Gold in Settlement Volume, Square opens Bitcoin buying across all 50 states.

Bitcoin has fallen 70% off its highs in December of last year but in spite of that, its settlement volume is still going to be much higher than Gold’s in 2018. That is Bitcoin alone and does not count for other cryptocurrencies. Gold will settle roughly $850 billion dollars this year while Bitcoin has already reached that through the first eight months and is on track to reach $1.35 trillion by the end of this year. This means that despite the fall in price, Bitcoin is still being used either as a medium exchange or a store of value, much to the dismay of its detractors. We may not see much of it in the developed world, but in developing nations where the national currency inflates or fluctuates wildly, people are turning to Bitcoin as a source of stability for currency.
Square Cash has debuted Bitcoin buying via its mobile app in all 50 states and will probably add more cryptos in the days to come. It has done this to compete with Coinbase which has traded more than $150 billion of cryptos and have generated more than $1 billion in revenue.

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