How to pick a winner in the Masternodes Coin Jungle

There are hundreds of Masternode coins, and many of them are scams waiting to scam you out of money(IFP, EAZY), so how do you pick a winner among a sea of losers? While there is no guaranteed way there are a few things to looks for:

1) Make sure the dev team is listed on the website. Although cryptocurrency is anonymous, when investing in a Masternode coin, you don’t want a team that is anonymous. Also check out the website of KYD coin and see if you team is listed there.

2) Check out the community. You do not want to invest in a coin with a dead or almost dead community where the admin never shows up and the mods are inactive. Also, avoid the coins where everyone is calling it a scam. One or two people is fine as there will always be people spreading FUD because they’ve been burned before. You generally want a positive community where people levy criticism, but most aren’t calling it a scam.

3) Check the Github. Make sure there are several commits. It doesn’t necessarily need to be updated that often as even some of the more established coins may not have recent Github activity. However, you don’t want to see 1 or 2 commits only.

4) Check the rewards structure. Coins that have a long-term rewards structure that don’t front-load the rewards into the first 3 weeks have a much better chance of surviving.

Following these four tips will help you pick winner(although never guaranteed) among a sea of losers.

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