Dash, is it in trouble?

Dash, the premier Masternode coin that composes about 60% of the market is going through hard times lately. It has dropped to $140 in price and even worse, is losing ground(now below 60%) against other smaller Masternode coins even as Bitcoin gains against the smaller coins in the overall cryptocurrency market. This might seem strange as Dash is actually accepted by a variety of online merchants, which is something that other Masternode coins cannot claim. However, with the ROI of Dash sitting around 7%, many people are probably switching from Dash to other, more lucrative Masternode coins with much higher ROI’s. It has lost ground against smaller, less established coins as its dominance in the Masternode market has tumbled from 65% to less than 60% at a time when larger marketcap coins are generally gaining ground against smaller market cap coins so it could signal trouble for Dash in the short term. However, I do think Dash will regain its ground when the market rallies and its adoption by online merchants(which may be boosted with the coinbase woo-commerce plugin) will really help it right the ship in the long run.

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