Bonhams allows Cryptocurrency in its luxury car auction, more reasons to feel bullish

Bonhams, the luxury car auction house will now allow deals to be settled in either fiat or cryptocurrency, another large move for cryptos to be widely accepted. This is just one of many vendors in the past two months that has announced that they would accept cryptocurrency payments. Despite the fact that the economist that correctly predicted the 2008 crash and many large institutions badmouthing crypto, it is gaining adoption momentum and a real look among institutional investors. What the large banks are saying and what they are doing are two different things and you should be looking at their actions much more than their words. Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and several others have started to open cryptocurrency divisions in their business and filed for Crypto patents. Despite their CEOs coming out and saying that they think cryptocurrency is a fad, their core business are gearing up for the long haul which speaks volumes about how they truly feel. Only Goldman Sachs has come forward and said what the entire banking sector feels — that cryptocurrency is here to stay and getting left behind would mean death for your business. All this will eventually culminate into a serious bull run in the crypto world.


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