EOS surpasses ETH(temporarily) in DAPP transactions

EOS, with a betting app that takes up about 90% of its DAPP volume has temporarily surpassed ETH in terms of dollar value for decentralized app transactions. This is probably temporary as these apps that spike up so fast are generally a FAD but this illustrates a real problem for ETH heading forward and why ETH may find it hard to recover in price even in bullish market.
Last year, if you wanted to build a decentralized application, ETH was the only game in town. Now, however, you have a choice between ETH, EOS, TRON, XLM, and other networks so there is a lot more competition than there was a year ago. Also, from a technical standpoint, the newer networks are better than Ethereum in terms of how many transactions they can handle and some of them like XLM already have big corporate backing(in terms of IBM). For these reasons, Ethereum may struggle to regain the luster in once had.

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