Tezo’s mainnet Launch is here

The day of the Tezo’s mainnet launch is here and its priced has spiked a lot in the recent days leading up to it. Tezos does have two major partners in research in the Inria Institute and with Tarides research. Outside of those two, I am not sure who else is partnered with them. Even though the official Mainnet launch is today, the network has actually been up and running since June 21st so I expect this mainnet launch to be very smooth.
If their main focus is research on security and cryptography, then I expect Tezos will be a long-term project and not one that is focused on short term profits or earnings as research many times takes a long time to actually profit from. However, in this area, I can see some really big investors(think Google, Microsoft) invest in Tezos because the enhancements in blockchain security will benefit these giants in the future. Tezos is a coin to keep track of in the coming months but its yet to be seen what partnerships and Utility the chain will have going forward.

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