Cardano(ANA) roadmap and analysis

Cardano, which is developed by the IOHK company(who claims to have hundreds of millions in revenue), is an improvement on the Ethereum blockchain based on the “K” programming language. It looks to be more of a research and development blockchain and technology instead of a utility one at least for the near future. Farther off, I can easily see many projects adopting the Cardano network and building decentralized apps on the network.
Cardano does have an agreement with the government of Ethiopia and a possible development center in Vietnam for lower labor costs and to train developer to get familiar with the Cardano stack so they will have a team of decentralized application developers for the future. They may also look to countries with inflation so perhaps Cardano can be eventually used as a stablecoin in those countries.
Cardano also has a partnership with Tokyo University for a series of campus lectures to get people familiar with the Cardano environment so finding developers will be easier in the future.
They have also partnered with metaps which allows Cardano to be used in over 33,000 retail outlets in Korea.
Cardano is probably a coin that will be big 2 years down the line and for a long term hold, it looks to be a good choice but if you are looking for a mainnet for ROI in the near term, I think XLM, XRP, or TRON is a better choice.

* I am not a professional financial adviser and this is no professional financial advice. You are responsible for your gains and losses.

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