Ripple adoption by PNC, X-rapid anticipation pushes price up 30%

PNC Financial services has agreed to use Ripplenet to handle their international money transfer, a move that could mean billions of dollars passing through the Ripple network. However, Ripplenet does not require the use of XRP so it is uncertain as of how whether PNC intends to actually use XRP for this purpose. X-rapid is also being tested by many in the Ripple network and speculation is that when it formally deploys, it will have a lot of people the platform. All this, I think, if market conditions are good means that Ripple could see a price around $3 by the end of the year. Some people say much higher because XRP reach $3.89 last year just based on hype alone. But I think investors overall have gotten smarter about overvaluing cryptocurrencies and before they give something anywhere close to a Trillion Dollar valuation, they are going to want to see some serious revenue. But still a $3 valuation is several times what it is now and represents a great 3 month ROI.

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