TRON(TRX) introduces Tronweb and Tronbox and enters Europe.

TRON(TRX) is picking up momentum as it introduced Tronweb and Tronbox today and entered the European Market with Bitbay. Tronweb is a frontend javascript API that allows developers to connect to the TRON blockchain and is the equivalent of Ethereum’s web3.js. TRONBOX which is soon to be launched is a set of tools that helps and assists developers to easily build decentralized apps on the TRON network. Together these tools will help many developers get used to and develop many apps on the TRON network, increasing the price of TRON itself.
TRON also has gotten many fiat pairings with Bitpay and a BNB pairing at Binance, giving TRON more liquidity and making TRON more appealing, especially to European investors. Hopefully, this increases the demand for TRON even more and speeds up recovery as we head into Q4 of this year.


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