TRON(TRX) launches its first crypto game, sheds light on Bittorrent integration

TRON(TRX) has launched its first crypto game, a game where you can buy, train, and battle wizards all to gain more Jade, which will be a TRX-20 token. This game has the opportunity for players to earn the TRX-20 token which can be directly cashed into money. I can see a huge environment and ecosystem arising around this both for players who want to play the game and for players looking to earn money by earning or stealing Jade. This game encourages the exact ecosystem that games like WoW were trying to avoid and I think because of that, it will attract even more players. This, I think, will result in a huge surge of traffic on the TRON network. Justin sun has also shed some light on the BitTorrent situation. The Bittorent product and integration will not have mining and will be proof of stake. It will also have backward compatibility, faster downloads, and more seeds, which addresses many of the problems that BitTorrent has always had. All these upgrades can be purchased with TRON tokens. I’m guessing those that don’t purchase these upgrades will be stuck with crappy download speeds and won’t be able to Incentivize seeding which means it will take a much longer time to get the file. I expect the prices to be fairly low so as to induce impulse decision on the side of the user. With the project going well and the new games launching, I expect TRON to have a large price spike soon.

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