XRP to partner with SWIFT? Santander bank might give clues

So far the rumor that XRP may soon be integrated into SWIFT has been not much more than speculation. However, Ripple’s partner Santander Bank, may have given a leak that it may become reality(however, it is still not much more than circumstantial evidence and should not be in any way considered as fact). Santander has just partnered with SWIFT to launch its services in places like Argentina, Poland, Spain, and the UK. These are many of the same places that it plans to offer xRapid via its app very soon. This, coupled with the fact that many expect Ripple to make a breakthrough announcement at SIBOS(22th October to 25th October) heightens the suspense of a SWIFT/Ripple collaboration. However, it is important to note that Ripple has been at SIBOS before and nothing much happened in the years prior so it may not be wise to count your chickens before they are hatched.


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