Zrx(0x) added to coinbase, are XRP, XLM, Cardano next?

Coinbase has just added the first of the 40 coins that has trackers on the mobile app and more are bound to come. Zrx(0x) has been added to the platform and although you cannot trade it yet because the market is not open, integration into Coinbase pro is underway and should take no more than 2 weeks. The price of Zrx, unlike other coins, has actually gone up in the last 2 days which makes me careful to buy it because the price is already high compared to the overall market. If you do buy it, I’d sell it after a 20% gain at the most because in this unsure market, there is a good chance of it crashing back down.
The other question is that now since Coinbase is starting to add more coins, which coins are next? My bet would be on Cardano(ADA), IOTA, and XLM. All three have practical utility and partnerships, they have large organizations behind them, and are well known so they should be able to check Coinbase’s Boxes easily. XRP has that centralization problem but it eventually will be added to Coinbase as well but I see Cardano, IOTA, and XLM being added relatively soon.

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