Does Bitcoin need Volatility for growth?

Traditional investors have always criticized Bitcoin because it was unstable and extremely volatile but as recent events have shown, that may be a feature that people are looking for when it comes to Bitcoin rather than a fault. People are generally in Crypto to make a lot of money over a short amount of time. This is the opposite of bonds and mutual funds where people are generally in it for the long run and expect small amounts of gains each year during that time period. When the Volatility goes down for Bitcoin, usually volume also drops and soon after a price drop follows. In periods where Volatility is high, volumes tend to be high as well and price, although it swings up and down, generally goes in an upward trend. The volatility draws in speculative investors and makes it interesting for people who want to take their chances to make a lot of money(and there are money of them). I think people view crypto as different from traditional markets and they want and expect the massive up and down movements. Without them, the cryptocurrency world doesn’t have the same appeal to many people.

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