Stellar overtakes EOS to take #5 spot

Stellar Lumens overtook EOS to take the #5 spot in terms of Market Cap of Cryptocurrencies. This was boosted in large part by a large surge in the last few days that can be attributed to one of three factors.
First is the fact that there are lots of rumors that XLM and ADA may be added to Coinbase. I am not sure about these rumors as the last two coins added were both ERC-20 coins and XLM is not ERC-20.
Second is the the massive airdrop that XLM is doing that may be getting many people interested in the coin and therefore getting more buyers into the market.
Third is Jed McCaleb selling his XRP and using it to pump up XLM in price.
I think the airdrop and further adoption is the only one that could be a more permanent increase for XLM as the other two will fall off in the mid to long run.


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