XRP,XLM,TRON to decouple from Bitcoin soon?

In the latest Bitcoin crash, some coins have slowly begun to fight back and reverse the downward trend. While Bitcoin has gone down a bit today, XRP, TRON, and XLM all have gained against the USD and against Bitcoin. All three have Fiat pairs at various exchanges meaning that you do not have to buy BTC to buy these coins first making them more independent of Bitcoin than other coins. All three are getting real-world use cases and strategic partnerships which means that Bitcoin news may not effect these coins as much if they have good news coming out about themselves.

Tron with its TVM can provide liquidity for its environment and network without Bitcoin and XRP with banking partnerships can also provide liquidity without Bitcoin. As more projects come onto the major coins, they will get more fiat partnerships and the crypto world will no longer depend on Bitcoin for its price signals.


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