Bitcoin SV surrenders the Hash war?

Bitcoin Cash SV has conceded the Hash War and has given Bitcoin Cash ABC the “BCash” ticker. Although they did not frame this as a loss and said that “they survived, which is something ABC did not want”, it is a far cry from the threats to destroy Bitcoin Cash ABC by mining empty blocks and then threatening to destroy Bitcoin as well as level threats against coins like XRP by saying that they would be declared a security. Not only has the hash war not played out in their favor, the community has largely turned against them, especially since Craig Wright started breathing out threats to destroy other coins on twitter. In the end, SV surrendered the ticker, lost the hash war, but nChain survives perhaps to fight another day. I do believe that many miners will abandon nChain after this and may just quit Bcash altogether. This “hash war” may serve as the start of the move from POW to POS in the future.

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