Stellar Lumens(XLM) future looks bright, may pass $1 sooner than we think

Stellar Lumens has recently achieved 1 million active accounts and has lots of interesting and potentially huge projects that can skyrocket its price in the works. With these projects in the wings, the price of this cryptocurrency may reach $1 and the top 3 or 4 in marketcap sooner than we think.
The IBM payment solution is the biggest and most important of these projects. If this goes well and they have IBM on their side, then other businesses and banks will be much more likely to work with Stellar because when they bring IBM to the table, they are ensuring a large number of transactions outside of the speculative arena. They are also working with IBM on a carbon emissions project as well as a decentralized exchange using XML as the base currency. They also have projects targeted at helping the developing world as well as retail, agriculture, and real estate. The thing is that not all of these projects have to succeed for the price of XLM to go way up. If even one of them succeeds, then it will be huge for Stellar Lumens. This coins looks like it has a bright future.


Linda Coin, is it a good coin?

Linda Coin aims to be a coin like Ethereum or EOS that provides a backbone architecture and network that other coins can build on. They tout strong developer support and tools and they will vet every coin that applies to be on the LINDA network to filter out scams and only allow good projects in. They will unveil their new chain and the LINDAX platform soon and the only thing that you can trade for Linda X in the first year are the current Linda coins, which means they won’t decrease in value once the new ICO is launched. One big thing that LINDA aims to have is atomic swaps which essentially make your own wallet a decentralized exchange as you can trade LINDA for any other cryptocurrency that is in the wallet which creates a large OTC market for your coin. It looks like a project with a lot of potential and with the prices at it is right now, seems like a decent pickup.

Note: I am not a financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice, just my opinion. You are responsible for your own profits and losses.

Bytecoin(BCN) Price Prediction

Bytecoin(BCN) is a coin that generates a lot of buzz these days. Investors are excited about its roadmap and its potential in the future and they have a right to be. It is revealed to be on the list of coins that Coinbase was considering to be in their custody portfolio later this year. Bytecoin hit a high of about 1.5 cents early this year when the crypto market was at its peak and since I believe Bitcoin will recover to about its high last year in Q3 and Q4 of this year, I believe Bytecoin will go past its previous high by year’s end. This is partly because Bytecoin is a lot more developed now compared to in January of this year and also because Coinbase will probably add it to its list of coin offering which could mean a significant spike in volume for smaller coins.

Secure Cloud Token(SC2), is it a good coin?

Secure Cloud Token(SC2) is a token that is aimed at providing payments and services for virtual servers and cloud services. Right now they are working on their own decentralized marketplace for trading with plans to integrate cloud providers by 2020. They are a Masternode coin with a high ROI right now, which I believe will stay high for a few more weeks. Like most coins, this really rewards the early adopters. They have a strong community and of the MN coins I’ve been part of, it is one of the few where the developer and administrator comes in once a day for a few hours and talks with the community. They have also quickly fixed issues that the community has pointed out and take feedback from the community. This is why I believe they are a strong contender to be a successful coin, or at least one you can make a healthy amount of money on by investing early.

Note: I am not a financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice. I take no responsibility for your gains or losses. What you do with your own money is your responsibility.

Top ALT Coins for the 2nd half of 2018

These are my picks for top Alt Coins for 2nd half of 2018. Please note that this is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial adviser, these are my opinions only and I am not responsible for your profits or losses.

1. Photon(PHO) — You get pick up almost 3 million right now for $100 and its already integrated into Fortnite and CS GO and its own game is being developed. If it goes to 1 penny, you make 300x what you put in. Not a bad gamble for $100.

2. Siacoin(SC) — Interesting technology and service that is in demand, cheap coin for just over 1 cent right now, could have big potential.

3. GIN — Already has thousands of users using its platform and generating revenue, a rarity for cryptocurrency. Its ROI for staking is only 135% or so right now, but a coin with an actual use case that people are using and paying money for is nothing to sneeze at.

4. Cappacity — 3d printing and 3d worlds could be big in product displays and games. Already has a usable products with clients using it. If it can ever get its marketing together, there’s a big need for it.

5. Ripple(XRP) – Closest Crypto right now to getting big financial institutions to adopt it. Been to $3 before and could easily go there again.

6. Nucleus Vision(Ncash) — Cheap at just over a penny right now. Although some partnerships are exaggerated, it does have some big confirmed partnerships, so at this price, its worth taking a risk for me.

7. TRON — Justin Sun is the master of hype and spin and TRON has been to 26 cents before with less to show for it than it has now. Justin Sun has purchased Bittorrent and has friendships with asian business moguls. Could mean big things for TRON.

8. Bitshares, Kucoin, Binance — These are almost guaranteed to go up when the market rallies as the exchanges will see a surge in traffic. With a surge in traffic, exchange trade tokens will have much higher demand.

Those are my Alt coin picks for the 2nd half of 2018.

Photon(PHO), is it a good buy?

Photon(PHO) is a cryptocurrency dedicated to gaming to both purchase things in-game and also as rewards whenever you do certain things in games like Fortnite. Its current price is .000034 dollars and it may be in for a big gain as the market rallies. It is integrated into Fortnite, CS GO, and several other games and can be used to purchase in-game items. Because it is used as a reward everytime you kill someone in Fortnite, it will probably never get past 1 cent per photon in price. However, that is ok, as 1 cent represents a 300x gain in price so you are looking for a price ceiling more in the 1/10 of a cent area for 3000% return on investment. I do believe in has huge potential as Fortnite is the most popular game online right now and as people start using more photons to purchase in-game items, this could get really big.

Payday Coin(PDX), a more stable Masternode coin?

Payday Coin(PDX) is a proof of stake/Masternode coin that is more than three months old and has recently shot up in price to over $2 from 30 cents or so. It might be overpriced right now but if it drops, I think 30 cents will be a bottom for it since it was stable at that price for a long time. Rewards will stay pretty constant since the Masternode’s price is out of reach for most people and the block reward remain consistent. I think it is one of the safer Masternodes to buy out there(of course nothing is guaranteed) but I think you can draw rewards from this coin for quite a long time.

Infinipay(IFP), over 5000% ROI(for now) but whats the best strategy for Masternode coins?

*****High ROI coins are extremely risky, buy at your own risk.*****

Infinipay(IFP) is a new proof of stake coin that is currently at over 5000% ROI(but dropping fast as more nodes come up) that looks really enticing, but what is the best strategy for these MasterNode coins with extremely high, but decreasing ROI? First, you must check to see if after half a week if the team is still there and if there activity in the discord chat and the announcements thread. If there is, then keep track of the price as these coins often go through periods of rises and dips and you can turn 1 Masternode into 3 Masternodes just by buying and selling in a short amount of time. Otherwise, I’d buy a Masternode or 2 when the price is down, spend a week getting that up to 5 nodes and then start taking at least some profits and investing them in other coins like TRON or Ncash, or other coins that are based on growth potential and not rewards potential. I think if you do this, you can easily get back your money many times before the rewards really start to drop off for these front-loaded Masternode coins even if the coin doesn’t have a product in the end.

Aegeus Coin(AEG), is it a good buy?

Aegeus coin(AEG) is a proof of stake/masternode coin that is at 6.5 cents at the moment and has an ROI of 463%. It has impressive technical specs and the roadmap shows plans for data storage, sharing, and content delivery. However, the roadmap does not mention partnerships or business opportunities and I look a lot for those things when I look at coins nowdays because I need to see what the coin is going to be used for and what types of businesses and customers are going to be using the final product. I can see Aegeus making a business out of the storage and sharing services but I still need to see potential partnerships on the horizon for me to really recommend a coin.
Overall, it is not a bad coin and with a near 500% return on profit at this point, it may be well worth to invest for a few months to make profit and wait for a spike in price to sell. I think one of the best ways to invest in a coin like this that has potential is to invest, then take a month or two to double your coins and then sell to get back your original amount your invested and then keep the rest and play with house money. That way you don’t risk losing much money.

Note: This is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial adviser and I am not responsible for your profits or losses.

Tokenpay(Tpay), why it might be a 100x coin

Tokenpay is an interesting coin to look at. Lately its been in the news because of its partnership with Litecoin(LTC). It has a max supply of only 25,000,000 and is priced at just above $4 at the time of this writing. It has acquired 9.9% of a German Bank(which it gave to Litecoin) and has the option to acquire up to 80% of said bank. They are also working on regulatory approval for the bank. They also have signed NDAs with large companies to integrate Tokenpay with their products.
It has much more potential in real world use cases than most coins and seems on a good roadmap to have these uses up at latest by 2019. With a smallish supply, this coin could grow 10 times its current price or more in a year and should be a coin you are keeping an eye on.

Note: I am not a financial adviser and this is not professional financial advice, only my opinion. I am not responsible for your profits or losses.