Pac Coin Redemption Guide to $PAC

The public redemption of old Paccoins to $PAC started on March 2nd and you have until June 1st to redeem at the promised 1000:1 rate, after which it will drop to 2000:1 rate. Even though PAC themselves made a video, many people still ask me how to do this. Since I have just done it, I figure I should make a video and do this tutorial to answer many viewers.

Important links:
New $PAC Wallet:
Pac Blogpost with redemption addresses:

Now Watch the video for instructions.


Ncash(Nucleus vision) Wallet, where to store your tokens

A lot of you have been asking me where to store your Nucleus Vision Tokens(Ncash) because the website does not mention a wallet. Nucleus Vision is an ERC20 token which means it can be stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. To create your wallet for Ncash, or any other ERC20 Token, you need to go to My Ether Wallet, type a password(remember it) and generate a wallet. Once you have done so, you can use it to store any ERC20 token. Your wallet can only be accessed with your password and your private key, so it is secure. To find out if a token is ERC20, check out Etherscan. If your wallet is on there, then it is an ERC20 Token.